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Limited Warranty for all ZEVONE products

ZEVONE wrist watches come with a warranty card. If purchased from an authorized vendor, these cards should be filled and returned to the vendor to save purchase information for warranty fulfillment. Our warranties only cover items purchased from authorized dealers or directly from

Where extended warranty is not purchased and ZEVONE insurance is not ordered for our Wristwatches, all wristwatches are covered by 1 month limited warranty.

Within 1 month of purchase, ZEVONE will replace or repair (at ZEVONE’s option) your mobile watch, free of charge if the defect proves to be material or software defect under normal usage.

Not covered under this warranty is unauthorized tampering with the ZEVONE watch, unauthorized technician or user maintenance, mishandling, manhandling. Not covered additionally are user installed pirated software or user installed viruses.

Water damage, excluding our water-proof models if tested by ZEVONE to see that the water damage was caused under normal usage with appropriate securing of parts opened by customer.

Heat or fire damage and force damage to ZEVONE watches are also not covered by our warranty.

If a ZEVONE item falls out of warranty coverage due to type of damage or expiry of purchase warranty, ZEVONE will offer low cost repair products and options to replace at reasonable cost for the client.


Warranty for none ZEVONE products sold on our website

ZEVONE acts as a licensed and authorized dealer for various none ZEVONE manufactured items.

All items sold on shall be subject to the warranty information of the individual manufacturer. Please carefully check the item manufacturer website for warranty information and fill out all requirements on package or website to secure product warranty as instructed. ZEVONE product warranties do not cover third party products.




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